Getting To Nottingham

Getting to Nottingham

The Are Many Ways of getting to Nottingham. We have Buses, Trains and Planes that will get you here quickly. Nottingham is situated in the heart of the uk that allows it to have excellent travel options
The Big Wheel specializes in transport in Nottingham – Have a look at their for more Information The Big Wheel


Travel to Nottingham By Road

Getting Here By Road

Driving has it many advantages as it gives you the freedom to see more places that Nottingham and Nottinghamshire has to offer.
For more infomation on driving directions please visit Google Maps

National Bus

There Are A Few Bus Services To Nottingham

Getting Here by Bus

Because we have such good road networks you are able to catch a bus from just about anywhere in the UK to Nottingham.
We have a few bus services that will come to through Nottingham


Travel to Nottingham By Train


You can get to Nottingham Direct from London on one train from St Pancres. You can travel from almost anywhere directly to Nottingham. The Train station is situated in the heart of the city and the bus station is not to far from the station. Have a look at the Trainline Website to see more information.

East Midlands Airport

You can fly to East Midlands Airport


We have two airports the East Midland Airport that services Nottingham, Derby and Leicester. So we have easy access from Ireland, Scotland and the rest of Europe. 
Then we have the Robin Hood Doncaster Airport which is perfect to getting from the North of the UK.

travel by Tram

Travel by Tram In The City Centre

Local Travel

Our inner city transport is surperb. We have buses, trains and trams that all services the area. The Bus service has services many From around Nottingham and Nottinghamshire, It also services parts of Derby. You have the Sky Link service that also travels to Leicester.

The inner city has a tram service that services all areas with in the city centre, At the moment the tram service is being extended to service areas outside the city centre. Which is brilliant as it will allow for more attractions to be visited.