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Nottingham Ghost Walk

The Nottingham Ghost tour has been running since 1993. This Guided Tour is spine chilling that reveals the ghostly secrets behind this historic city. Its takes your through Nottingham’s ghostly past from the castle to the graveyard. This is a very exciting tour and it is definitely not one to miss during your visit. The […]

Nottingham Ghost Guts & Gore Tour

On Nottingham Ghost guts and gore tour Ezekial Bone tells awful tales of Guts and Gore that have taken place in Nottingham’s past. He tells of tales of murder, misery and death. His tales include those of hte dead being uprooted from their graves and times when hundreds of people turned blue and squirted themselves […]

Robin Hood Tour
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Nottingham Robin Hood Town Tour

Explore Nottingham with the 21st Century Robin Hood and discover the truth of the ‘Hooded Man’! Adventure through time itself! Based on 20 years experience as the ‘Official Outlaw’ and 7 years as the Heritage Ranger for Sherwood Forest, Ezekial Bone has created a dynamic and interactive experience. This tour uses the best sights of […]